Caleb M Keller

Technologist. Investor. Developer. Maker.

I build things for fun and a living. I'm an avid consumer of technology and specialize in applying it to enterprise problems.

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Hey, I'm Caleb Keller. Glad you've found me.

There's a lot of history how I wound up here. My unique set of experiences shape my interest in and ability to apply technology. I started with a Mechanical Engineering degree and honed that skill set while working for large companies like Caterpillar, Toyota, and Lexmark. I landed at a small, but amazing, manufacturing company in southern Indiana, doing process engineering work on cutting edge technology.

In the 2011 timeframe, I began supplementing my engineering work with cross-platform app development as an independent freelancer. After several years my extracurricular programming collided with my work for Samtec as I turned my attention to the data craze.

A glutton for punishment, I still bifurcate my business. I own and operate Polyglot Developers, a technology consulting firm with more than 20 technologists ready to solve your technology problems. And my work for Samtec continues, specifically the Smart Platform Group, building open source software targeting enterprise information management.


  • Caterpillar
  • Toyota
  • Lexmark
  • Samtec
  • Smart Platform Group
  • Polyglot Developers


  • Technology Consulting
  • Fractional CIO/CTO
  • Application Development
  • Workflow Design
  • Software Design
  • Everything Data